Managed Healthcare Executive

​Five Diabetes Factors Health Execs Should Care About


The Cost of Diabetes Care—And How to Help Patients Lower It

This Component is Key to Diabetes Self-Management

Diabetics More Likely to Suffer from This Condition Than Non-Diabetics

​Poor Engagement Takes High Toll on Diabetes Patients, Healthcare Costs

Glucose Monitor Advances Could Vastly Improve Diabetes Management

​The Smart Technology That Will Boost Diabetes Care

Unwavering Costs Fuel Need For New Diabetes Treatment Paradigm

Doctors Say New Diabetes Device Could Have Big Effect on Costs, Quality

Studies Find Link Between Pancreatic Cancer and Diabetes

Oncology Times

Research Underway May Offer Hope for R/R HER-2 Positive CNS Tumors

​The Role of Precision Screening in Colorectal Cancer

Closing the Gaps in Education for Patients With Brain Tumors

New Way to Support Childhood Cancer Survivors

Discovery of Specific Gene Could Lead to New Treatment Options

​​Phase II Trial Shows Efficacy of Potential Oral Therapy

Having Meaningful Conversations After a Cancer Diagnosis

How Poor Eating Habits Early In Life Can Lead to Breast Cancer

Coordinating Care for Patients With Kidney Cancer

Radiology Today

Searching for a Better Fit

Imaging Informatics: Shall We Play a Game?

Lack of Awareness


​​Inside Ochsner Health System’s partnership with Color to offer certain patients gene testing

Microsoft and SilverCloud collaboration to leverage AI for mental health

Consolidation growing among health providers but many leaving money on the table

​Inside OSF Healthcare’s decision to incorporate cancer risk assessment software in its EHR

Nurse-staffing platform Incredible Health raises $15M


Depressed Adults Not Getting Care

Biomarkers May Help Predict​ Ischemic Stroke Risk

Pot Use Up as Perceived Risk Falls

​Women's Brains Hemorrhage Risk Lower With Increasing BMI


Depression Plagues Many With COPD

MInimally Invasive Hip Surgery Isn't Always the Right Choice

​Skateboarding Mishaps Send 176 U.S. Kids to ERs Every Day

​MD Magazine

​Dosing on Pediatric Asthma Drug Out of Whack?

​Stroke: Early Doses of Novel Anticoagulants Pose No Additional Hemorrhage Risk

Teen Getting Post 9/11 Asthma Care Also Need Mental Health Help

Uveitis More Common in Women

Severe Asthma Can Persist Even if Tissues Are Not Inflamed

Cytomegalovirus Implicated in Some Anterior Uveitis

Uveitis: Pediatric Patients Did Fine on Adalimumab


Healthcare organizations (some, at least) prep for data breaches with drills, simulations and more

​Former FBI agent, CISO share tips for planning endpoint security to ward off hackers

Healthcare Finance News

When to Repair, and When to Replace Medical Equipment, a Hospital's Guide

Mobile Payment Platforms Pick up in Healthcare as Patients Crave more Accessible Billing

Advance Planning can Ease the Pain of an Audit

Updated Hospital Gowns a Good Investment, Execs Say, Restore 'Dignity'

Generic Drugs Pose Specific Problems for Healthcare Providers

CFOs Say Supply Chain Changes Mean They Have to Act Fast

Supply Chain Collaboration Tested as More Accountable Care Organizations Form

Hospitals Turn to Just-in-Time Buying to Control Supply Chain Costs

Generic Drug Complicating Hospital Pharmaceutical Spending

How Healthcare Finance Leaders can Play Bigger Role in Medical Device Purchases

With Hospital Supply Chain, Leasing Often Better Option than Buying

CFO's Becoming Strategic Thinkers

Overcoming Outdated Workforce Models

Monitoring Risk is Key to Success

Objectives Drive Buy or Lease Decisions

Weight on RCM Upgrade

Keeping Revenue Healthy While Transitioning to

Outcomes-based Payments

Hospitals Adjusting Billing and Collections Practices to

Meet ACA Changes

Reform Creating Budgeting Changes


Nurses Face 'Death Anxiety' From Work in Emergency Rooms

New Type of Shot Might Be Able to Stop Internal Bleeding United States

Some Tests for Colorectal Cancer are Better than Others

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