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The Mortgage Note

Commercial Spaces: Have Hotels Recovered From The Pandemic?

Trends: Employees Return To The Office This Year

Predictions: Chilly Market Ahead For Housing In 2023, Conditions Improve In 2024

Zero Down Payment, Zero Closing Cost Mortgages Advance Efforts To Broaden Access To Homeownership

Sun Belt Deals Called Off As Housing Market Slumps

Look At The Numbers: Adjacent Cities Grew During Pandemic

Bad Behavior In Lending: Sham Job Interviews, “Rampant” Fraud

Extended Stay America And Others Win During Pandemic

What’s The Buzz About Portsmouth, New Hampshire?

Lumber Prices Are Toppling, But Will Home Prices Come Down With Them?

Will Biden’s Housing Plan Make A Difference?

Multifamily Homes Needed: Will The Demand Be Met?

Commercial And Industrial Real Estate Doing Well

Russia’s Attack On Ukraine Felt By Builders In U.S.

Office Space Vacancies Monitored Closely As Numbers Begin To Fall

Job Cuts Hit The Mortgage Industry

Housing Bubble: Clickbait Or Is There A Bumpy Ride Ahead?

Finsum (financial news summaries)

Citizen’s arrest?

Model portfolios find their groove

If it looks like a penalty box

There’s always the alternative

ESG products might be losing their luster

Model portfolios: all that and more among financial advisors

Annuity Sales Projected to Hit All-Time High

Around awhile, but Direct Indexing boasts different look

Active fixed income fund invests cash largely in bonds

Income securities a major player in Investment portfolios

You might say fiduciary rule proposal temporarily on ice

Model portfolios allow investors to further fortify relationships with clients

In the light of volatility, advisors can throw clients rope

Recruiting: no bucking the importance of money. And more

Independent Banker

5 Ways to Boost Your Customer Experience Strategy

How to Avoid a Social Storm During a Crisis

Washington Post Brand Studio

The Case For Optimism: A By-The-Numbers Look At Our Increasingly Productive World

​Healthcare Finance News

When to Repair, and When to Replace Medical Equipment, a Hospital's Guide

​Mobile Payment platforms Pick Up in Healthcare as Patients Crave More Accessible Billing

Advance Planning Can Ease the Pain of an Audit

Updated Hospital Gowns a Good Investment, Execs say, Restore 'Dignity'

Generic Drugs Pose Specific Problems for Healthcare Providers

Hospitals Turn to Just-in-Time Buying to Control Supply Chain Costs

Generic Drugs Complicating Hospital Pharmaceutical Spending

How Healthcare Finance Leaders Can Play Bigger Roles in Medical Device Purchases

With Hospital Supply Chain, Leasing often Better Option than Buying​

CFOs Becoming Strategic Thinkers

Overcoming Outdated Workforce Models

Monitoring Risk is Key to Success

Objectives Drive But or Lease Decisions

Weighing an RCM Upgrade

Keeping Revenue Healthy While Transitioning to 

Outcomes-based Payments

Hospitals Adjusting Billing and Collections Practices to Meet ACA Changes

Reform Creating Budgeting Changes

BAI Banking Strategies

Attracting Customers with Social Media

Video Tellers for Lower Cost Branches (pg. 21-22)

Crain's Chicago Business

Mortgage Options Multiply - Interest-only ARMs are Latest Twist​

Credit Union News

Brooklyn Cooperative FCU Expands Security with Less Intrusion

Service CU get Fast Turnaround After Branch Fire

​​​DS News/The MReport

Home Equity Reaches Levels Unseen Since 2014

Luxury Property Purchases Surpass Records

How Crisis-Motivated Policy Changes Could Affect Housing Inequality

Regions With Most Motivated Homebuyers

Where Americans are Struggling Most

Rise in Home Purchase Sentiment

The Rise of ADUs in the Affordable Housing Crisis

California Wildfires, Housing Inventory, and Home Prices

The Suburbs’ Changing Demographics

What Shifts in Forbearance Rates Mean

Social Welfare Group Pushes for Immediate Pro-Housing Policy

How Housing Policy Can Advance Racial Equality

The American Housing Industry’s Biggest Challenges

Social Welfare Group Pushes for Immediate Pro-Housing Policy

The Push for Policymakers to Utilize ‘Groundbreaking’ Housing Data

Is There a ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ Ahead for Vacant Properties?

Foreclosure Moratoria and the Distressed Auction Market

Ginnie Mae Announces Borrower Relief Options

Return of the Investor

Villains... or Victims?

Anatomy of a Fraudulent Short Sale

Risky Business - Overcoming the Industry's Sea Change with Emerging Analytics

When the Party's Over: Preparing for the Post-refi Era

Not-so-Natural Selection

The Digital Age

Playing Monopoly?